Third Places: Jesus Beyond Us

About Third Places

Third places are those locations, networks, and groups that are beyond our congregation, and they can look different for each one of us. For some, it may be vocational work in peacemaking and restorative justice, learning from “the least of these.” For others, it’s volunteer work making a difference, like with the Banquet. For others, it’s finding a place of consistent gathering (like a coffee-shop), where you start to build and nurture relationships. When we are in the world, the world is our host.

A Possible Project

Our congregation is currently discerning a major series of projects in peace-making around Sioux Falls and beyond. Watch for more information.

Commissioned for Service

We currently have commissioned one person from the Abbey for special work beyond our walls.

 Jack Scandrett is serving as transitional pastor with Hutterthal Mennonite Church.