The Abbey

About the Abbey

The Abbey is the gathering of our whole congregation for liturgy, shared meals, learning, singing, story-telling, and empowerment. All parts of our congregational life flow from the Abbey. We gather together at least twice per week as often as we can so that we may bear witness to the transforming nature of community. When we gather as the Abbey, Christ is our host.

We gather for worship every Sunday at 10am. Our worship is a synthesis of our informality as a family gathered for songs and story, as well as the liturgical sensibilities given to us by the historic Church. Each week we sing, pray for peace, hear our stories from the Scriptures read and explained, pray for the world and each other, and celebrate around Christ’s table (where all, especially children, are welcome). We follow the Narrative Lectionary, a pattern of Scripture readings used by a variety of¬†Christians around the world. We sit in-the-round, seeing the image of the divine in each other. And most importantly, children participate and help in the service with the adults, because we all need each other.

We also gather during the week for an activity designed to foster growth in each of our core/common practices.

Upcoming Abbey Events