A Peace Church for the Misfits

Dear friend,

I am so happy you found our website. Sermon on the Mount is a special group of people. We are a part of an historic peace church, which means that we object to war, all forms of violence, and try to live as a people of radical love, acceptance, and hope.

And, we’re a group of misfits. We have exuberant followers of Jesus: gracious and loving agnostics, liberal anarchists, passionate feminists, and compassionate conservatives. We have evangelicals, sacramentalists, spiritualists, and hippies. We have people who were born and raised in traditional Mennonite contexts, and people who have chosen Anabaptism as their faith tradition. We are a church for people who want something more out of church.

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We gather for worship on Sundays at 10am. I hope that you will consider joining us. Meanwhile, look around the website.

Peace be with you!
Pastor Christopher